Samsung A52s 5g Price, Features, and Specs


The Samsung A52s is an affordable mid-range Android smartphone launched and manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The smartphone is launched on 7 March within the framework of the Samsung Galaxy A series. It is the second generation of Samsung’s mid-budget smartphone family, following the launch of the original Galaxy A smartphone in May last year. The device runs on the underlying Android operating system – currently the most popular mobile OS around the world. The smartphone has a single camera and two touchscreens. It also comes pre-loaded with Samsung’s own applications and games, such as the music player and S Note Smart Panel. samsung a52 5g

In terms of hardware, the Samsung A52s is available with either a single or double band GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem. The A52s also features an internal memory which is expandable. The device comes with a 16-mega-pin connectors and includes one USB ports, one USB modem port and one gigabit Ethernet port. The device is also compatible with the Bluetooth 2.1 technology standard. The Samsung A52s price is not particularly low compared to other mid-budget smartphones in the market, especially when it comes to the touch screen feature.

Samsung A52s features a rear camera which is just 16.2 megapixels in size, but it is capable of good quality pictures and videos. The resolution of the rear camera is best when it comes to capturing photos in direct conditions and outdoor scenes. The lens of the Samsung A52s is also quite large when it comes to taking photos in a picture straight on. The lens has a close-focusing distance of around 0.7 inches, which enables the user to take sharp pictures even with small objects in the foreground.

The Samsung A52s camera can be used to capture photos in good lighting conditions without having to turn the flash on constantly. It has a system on board which allows the user to change the flash modes as well as the photo effects. The Samsung A52s also features a very large memory which stores all the user’s data. This can be expanded using microSD cards that are available from most reputable retailers. There is a SIM tray included in the Samsung A52s which allows the user to insert a SIM card to expand their connectivity options.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s comes with a very interesting feature – the built-in image stabilization. This is very useful especially for high-quality videos and images taken using a digital camera. It works by digitally controlling the degree of movement that is imparted onto the images. This has been accomplished through the use of two image stabilization filters which work in conjunction with one another. This is the first model of the Samsung Galaxy A52s to come with this type of function.

When looking at the Samsung A52s price, you should definitely consider the memory size. For just over one hundred dollars, the Samsung A52s is one of the best mid-budget smartphones. It comes with a very large storage capacity, which includes support for both microSD and proteron memory cards. Along with this comes a great LCD screen, which is only 5.5 inches but offers bright colors and great viewing performance. The battery life of this smartphone lasts for up to three hours so users do not need to worry about long-lasting battery calls. Plus, with the power and performance of the Samsung A52s, anyone who is still using an older model of smartphone will find that they are able to get through a lot more activities than they were using before.

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